Friday, January 21, 2011

{Update} Feeling Sick :( + Bad Haircut

I apologize for not posting the rest of the swatches yesterday, but I've been really sick. I've had the worst reaction to a probiotic yogurt I tried. If you're unfamiliar with probiotics, they are live bacteria in certain yogurts like Activia that are supposed to make you more regular and aid in digestion. I tried a brand of Greek yogurt called Chobani, in strawberry for breakfast yesterday morning. I had ONE cup of the yogurt (they're individually packed) and I've been incredibly sick since then. I've had a headache, stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. I've been trowing up since yesterday morning and despite getting almost 9 hours of sleep last night I still feel really tired. I just hope it passes soon. Have you guys had a reaction like this with a yogurt?

Also, I finally got my hair cut. I grew it out and I've been wanting to go back to a bob for a while now and last night I did. It looks bad. Not horribly, but bad. My friend told me I look like a late Nineties lesbian. I might post a picture, might. That is if I don't die first, haha! Anyway, as soon as I'm better I'll try to post the swatches.

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