Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Updated Foundation Routine

In the past few months my skin has been horrible, especially around the side of my face, the cheek area, where I have never ever broken out :'( I've really tried to go back to a stable routine, using only a few products on my face and as little base foundation or concealer as possible. I don't know what caused the massive breakout, but I'm just beginning to get it under control and I thought I'd share with you what I've been doing.

First off, to treat the acne I went back to my cleansing routine. I was using those makeup remover/moisturizer all in one cloths at the end of the night to remove my makeup instead of actually going and washing my face out fully, which definitely contributed to the acne. It just felt like too much hassle after a long day of work, classes, studying..try to fit a social life in and somethings gotto go. I've been using my Queen Helen Mint Jelep Mask and my Acne Free Terminator which have helped a lot! I've also been using a very basic moisturizer: aloe very. Now, I only use this during the day. I'll wear it under my makeup or I'll dilute my foundation with it to make a tinted moisturizer.

To make the tinted moisturizer I simply mix them on the back of my hand, usually half and half. If I need more coverage, I add more foundation, if not, less. It won't work well with all foundations, but works very well with my Clinique Even Better or Maybelline Mineral Liquid.

Simply mix and apply. It gives me sheer coverage and covers up my redness without looking like a mask. This way I only use my Smashbox HD Liquid Concealer only where I absolutely need it. I've been setting with my NYC translucent powder which I will review soon!

I like aloe during the day because mys kin is very oily and sometimes using a regular moisturizer, even my Clinique DD Gel is too much. I don't know what it is about aloe vera gel, but it sens somehow and makes my makeup last longer. Be careful what type of aloe vera gel you use if you do try this. I'm using Jason Natural Cosmetics Aloe Vera Super Gel. It's very affordable, around $10-$13 for 16 oz bottle (depending on where you buy) and it's 98% pure aloe vera. I use it everywhere: after shaving or waxing, being out in the sun, etc. It's a great multi-tasker. I highly recommend trying this stuff out if you need a very light moisturizer during the day. It won't work if your skin starts to dry out in the winter, but as I use a heavier moisturizer at night, it's not really an issue for me. If you try it, let me know how it goes!

EDIT: I put the aloe vera gel into a smaller container from a used up moisturizer because lets face it, 16 0z is affordable but crazy big and inconvenient when doing my makeup in the morn, lol!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

EOTD: Parisienne Chic With Laura Mercier

So I was at a conference this weekend that I had to dress business casual to, so I decided to do a smoky-ish not too over the top sophisticated look inspired by French makeup. All of the color products used are from Laura Mercier. I used my custom palette (reviewed here) so it was very compact and convenient!

Products Used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Laura Mercier Blush in Rose Bloog (crease)
Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in Vanilla Nuts
Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in Rose
Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in Deep Night
Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in Black Plum
Lancome Difinicils Mascara in Black

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ok, so not a huge haul, but a haul none the less. I stopped by Target, Sephora, a salon, Marshall's, and the dollar store, picking up these goodies!!!

What I got:
NYC Smooth Skin Loose Powder in Translucent
OPI Nail Polish in Meet Me On The Star Ferry (Hong Kong Collection)
OPI Nail Polish in Extra-Va-Vanganza (Burlesque Collection)
OPI Nail Polish in Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (Switzerland Collection)
Sephora Empty Sifter
Jordana Glitterama Eye Liner in Black Bash
Jordana 5 1/2 Eyeliner Pencil in Bloom
Jordana 5 1/2 Eyeliner Pencil in Navy
Bath and Body Works Tutti Dolci Gloss in Tiramisu Venezliano
Rimmel Precision Eyeliner in Navy Blue
Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in Fresh Plum

NOT PICTURED: My birthday was in October so I stopped by Sephora and got my free gift, which I will share and review later!!! Reviews are coming!

LOTD: Rimmel 126 Metallic Seduction

Just a quick Lip Of The Day for today! I was a flapper this year for Halloween, so I went out and bought a plummy dark lipstick. This one from Rimmel, is 126, Metallic Seduction. Like the name suggests, it's a metallic finish on a dark, plummy/burgundy lipstick. What I've really been liking about this lipstick is that it's very moisturizing. I'm not too keen on the smell, which is kinda like coco butter. The only other thing is that it does apply a bit sheer and does feel a bit grainy (because of the glitter/shimmer in the metallic finish), but my love of this color makes me more apt to disregard these annoyances. And the sheerness can be a good thing too. I've been dabbing it on my lips with my finger for a berry kissed look, kinda like a lip stain. It's perfect for fall!

Just a regular swatch:

More to come!