Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Tip Thursday} How To Keep Your Lips From Getting Chapped

There's nothing worse in the winter than dry, tight, chapped lips. My lips would get so bad sometimes that the skin would actually break and bleed. Here are three relatively inexpensive tips to keep your lips soft and supple all winter!

1. Exfoliate regularly. You don't need an expensive scrub. Simply apply some Vaseline to the lips and gently scrub over them with a damp wash cloth or an old tooth brush. Do this every week or two.

2. Don't lick your lips! This one is important. Licking your lips may feel better right away, but your saliva has enzymes in it to help digest food and the enzymes will wear down the thickness of your lips leaving them more vulnerable to the cold.

3. Use a thicker balm nightly. If you want to prevent then from getting chapped in the first place, use a thicker balm, not just your regular Chapstick, nightly. I've been using The Body Shops lip butters and they are great! They smell good and leave my lips feeling incredibly moisturized.

Hope this helps!

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