Saturday, October 9, 2010

Updated Swatch: Laura Mercier Lip Stain in English Rose (LE)

A loooooong time ago, I reviewed Laura Mercier's lipstain in English Rose, a limited edition lippie from one of her spring collections. The swatches, I will admit, were pretty horrid. The lighting was very yellow and very far from accurate. Here are some better swatches. The original review can be found HERE.

Top is heavy application, bottom is light. This is about as accurate as I could get. It is a teeeny bit warmer in real life, but my camera would not pick it up :( I know, it's a LE product, but it's stunning and if you can find it online, definitely pick it up!

Beauty News: Clinique GWP at Macys!

Speaking of Clinique, they are currently having a GWP event at Macys. I don't know till when, so if you're interested hurry! ALl of that above (and I believe there are some choices regarding color variations) is free with a $21.50 (prior to tax) purchase. More details here!

1. Bonus Choice: Different Lipstick in A Different Grape or Long Last Lipstick in All Heart. They’re Clinique lipstick Hall-of-Famers and you get your pick!

2. Cosmetic Bag Set: Flower power-full bag set (one big, one small) makes space for everything, anything, here and to-go.

3. Bonus News: All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage. A massage for your eyes? Absolutely. Feel this cool little serum go to work to instantly perk up puffy, tired-looking eyes.

4. Bonus Choice. Eyes 1, 2, 3, Colour Compact in Berries or Nudes. Colour-by-number eye looks in a neat little compact. Three shadows, three applicators and a how-to card. Doesn’t get easier (or prettier) than this.

5. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Considered the golden standard for all moisturizers still doing its great-skin thing after all these years – softening, smoothing, improving.

6. High Impact Mascara in Black. This mascara’s all about drama. With kicked-up volume and length, lashes just can’t help but be noticed.


Gloss Comparison: Clinique Whisper & Lancome Precious Light

Just a quick comparisons of two colors, Clinique's Whisper (reviewed HERE) and Lancome's Precious Light (reviewed HERE), which was limited edition part of their holiday 08 collection. I tend to think of all clear shimmery glosses as the same, but the tone of the gloss sometimes does make a difference.

Top, Clinique Whisper, Bottom, Lancome Precious Light

From the pic above, you would think that Whisper would be the warmer gloss, wouldn't you?

A swatch:

Top, Clinique Whisper, Bottom, Lancome Precious Light

A better swatch:

Top, Clinique Whisper, Bottom, Lancome Precious Light

Precious Light has a multi-colored shimmer while Whisper, which looks like a champagne gloss, is really silver shimmered.

More to come!

New Earings!

I've really had this urge to go out and buy earrings this past month, even though I usually just wear my gold studs all the time. A little over a month ago I stopped by Forever 21 and got a couple of pairs. I was cleaning yesterday and found them and though I'd share with you guys.

First pair are these lovely dangly pearl ones. They look so sophisticated that you'd never guess they were only #3.80!

These I actually picked up for my little sister. They're just pale pink hearts in a gold setting. Only a buck fifty! And they also have them in black!

Total: $5.60. Not bad at all!