Saturday, January 22, 2011

{Swatches} Sephora 5-in-1 Color Play LE Palette EYESHADOWS! (Pic Heavy)

I'm feeling a bit better now. Still not 100%, but getting there. Here are the promised swatches! Boy, did this take a while. Sorry in advance if some of the pics are a bit blurry. I wasn't using my camera.

The shadows:

Boho Bombshell:

The colors in this palette are colorful without being over the top. I could easily see someone wearing several of them to work or to class to give the eyes just a bit of color. They are so beautiful tough, especially the combo of the plum and the brown right underneath it with the gold. Really really pretty!

Except for the blue, the colors in this row look like they belong in their own palette, like something you would get from Dior. I love plums and golds!

These are a bit darker, but make it easy to play up the neutrals with a kick look.

Classics Never Die:

If you need something for work, this palette is for you. Every texture and shade imaginable is included. You get two dark browns, both matte, two high lights , one matte and one shimmery, and then a handful of medium shades that are both warm and cool as well as matte and shimmery. Endless combos to keep the everyday eye from being boring!

The second color from the left is a dead ringer for a Dior single I have!

If you like khaki brown/green shades, you'll love this row. Personally, khaki's aren't my favorites, but I love pairing the middle colors with a deep plum or navy!

Angelic Boudoir:

The entire top row of this palette is absolutely gorgeous!

I've been wearing this combo of colors for the past few days and it looks absolutely stunning on blue eyes! The purple has just the right amount of warmth in it and the bronzy brown is just too pretty to pass up! All in all, great combo. I would probably buy these shades separately if I knew what they were!

These aren't my favorite shades, just because I'm not a fan of pastels (at least not on my eyes). Then again, that is a matter of personal preference. They are super soft and smooth and I can definitely see the gray and lavender on trend for spring!

Black Is The New Black:

If you like smoky eyes, this is the palette for you! You get everything you need to create any kind of black smoky eye imaginable. Matte, shimmery, frosty, sparkly, warm, cool, etc. The combos with this palette are nearly endless. It actually reminds me of a palette NYX released this past year for smoky eyes.

It didn't come across well in the pic, but the first shade isn't a matte black. It has blue glitter in it that comes across a lot better on the lid.

I've never been a big fan of black shadows, simply because they have a tendency to look very stark on my super pale skin, but the second shade in is just so pretty that I can't help but wear it often, especially when going out.

A Nod To Mod:

You get a really nice range of brights in this palette. Not anywhere near something like the Costal Scents palettes, but for the average woman it's more than enough to experiment with!

The orange, yellow, and white in this palette got really well together! They are very pigmented and warm.

The last color is a bit more vivid in real life. It's a nice, deep, blackened turquoise shade. I love using it wet to line the upper lash line. It looks very sexy! My only complaint with this one is that the matte purple, second from the right, is a bit hard, making it difficult to work with in terms of getting decent payoff.

The last color in this palette is quite interesting. It looks like a plain old unassuming white, but changes in lighting reveal the duo chrome. It switches between a white and a light blue and a periwinkle lavender color. Really pretty!

All in all: a great palette! Lip swatches will be up soon!

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