Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Nails Part 2 (NYC, Sally Hansen, & Milani!)

Here's another summer nail post! This time, with cheaper nail polish, too.
Left to right, NYC Molten Metal (from an earlier collection, but you can probably find it on ebay/a dupe), Sally Hansen Bronze Ambition, and Milani Electric Pink.


Ok, first up, NYC Molten Metal:

This is two coats. It's a sheer color, so I would recommend layering it over another color. It looks great over Wet n' Wild's Black Creme. I'll post a pic of the combo later. It is uber glittery! I've noticed that metalic shades always make a big com back in the spring and summer, and this ones a good choice, if a bit annoying to apply due to it's lack of opacity.

Next up is Sally Hansen's Bronzed Ambition:

Now, I'm not a big fan of the Sally Hansen Salon line. I feel that SH puts the word "salon" on just about any crappy nail polish to trick hopeful consumers into snapping them up. Unfortunately, it is true with the formula of this line. The brush is a bit smaller than I'd like, so application is a uncomfortable and streaky. However, every now and then a shade comes along that I just have to get. This polish got my attention immediately. It's a super glitzy, glittery, warm shade of bronze. If you have a tan, this shade will look killer on you! Also, the shimmery shades in the Salon line do apply better than the creme/matte shades, which is a plus. I'd just be careful applying more than two coats. If you absolutely need to, go with super thin coats otherwise you will have a mess on you hands, no pun intended, as these polishes take eons to dry. And I think that SH is phasing this line out (to be replaced with the new Complete Salon Manicure line), so snap this shade up while you still can. I've still seen these in a couple of Walgreen's, so hurry! There's also a silver version of this color if you're interested!

Last but not least, Milani Electric Pink:

This one was actually given to me by a friend, and is A LOT brighter than the picture shows. Think neon. I love this shade for my feet. On my hands it feels a bit too much, but I love how much attention my feet get whenever I wear this color. I always get compliments when I do. The formula is good, too! It dries in a reasonable amount of time and is super shiny. It's usually a lot shinier than the pic above shows. I've had to thin this polish out with nail polish remover cause I've used it so much that it was getting glumpy (is that a word?). Using nail polish remover (as opposed to clear nail polish) detracts from the lacquer shine you'd normally see with the Milani polishes. I highly recommend this polish. I've been wearing it for weeks on my feet!

Oh, and the little red mark is just a small cut :( It hurt like heck when I was cleaning my nails off with polish remover :/ Hope you enjoyed and more to come!

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