Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun Post: Favorite Eearings (Little Larsen Posts from Anthropologie)

Just thought I'd do a quick fun post of my favorite earrings. These were actually a gift from a friend. They are the Little Larsen Post earrings in cream from Anthropologie.

They're $28 at Anthropologie. Check them out on the website, Anthropologie.com (link)! They come in a bunch of different shades.

I like the tag they're on. All the Anthropologie jewelry has these cute little tags, reminiscent of the vintage days. Too bad they're so pricey or I'd get a ton, haha! I love their jewelry. It has such a dainty romantic feel to it. And these earrings remind me of the enamel flower rings from Chanel, which is nice.

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