Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Quick EOTD Using L.A. Colors 12 E/S Palette in Traditional

Just another quick EOTD using my L.A. Colors 12 E/S palette in Traditional, which was super cheap at $1(!!!). just to show how versatile it is, I went opposite of the last one. Last time I showed a bronzy day look, very warm toned. This time it's a smokier look that is cool toned, with lots of liner!

I've really been getting more use out of my Lancome Art Liner in Smoky. It's super easy to apply and isn't a pain to remove like other liquid liners. Not that it doesn't last, but it doesn't feel like I'm taking sand paper to my eyes when using a cloth to remove this one. I'll do a review on these liners one of these days. I've got quite a few of these.

Anyway, products used:
L.A. Colors 12 E/S Palette in Traditional
Lancome Art Liner in Smoky
CoverGirl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara in Black


  1. this is soo pretty! I'm not that good at using liquid liner so I could never do a look like that haha :)
    anyway I love ur blog! I just found it a couple days ago and so far I am LOVING IT!! keep it up!

  2. Thanks so much, Victoria! I like the brush on the Lancome Art Liners--it's more flexible than the traditional felt tip brush and also holds less product, so it's not as messy. If you don't want to spend almost $30 on a liner, however, you can either try to find these at TJMaxx/Marshalls (they've always got a ton of Lancome stuff) or check out some of the L'Oreal liners. They've got a couple with the same type of brush!

  3. The marshalls in my area never seems to have that many lancome products, but I will definitely keep an eye out! I'm going to look for some loreal liners next time I go to a drugstore too! Thanks for the advice :)