Saturday, February 26, 2011

St. Louis, MO Pics!

So the weather was great. i went from 25-30 degree weather in CT with snow to a sunny, comfortable tempt of 65 in St. Louis. The flight was uneventful. We flew American Airlines. It was pretty cramped and smelled kinda funny, but the flight was only around 3 hrs, so not too bad. We weren't delayed either, which was good.

My suitcase:
Navy blue with red and brown accents. I really hate ugly suitcases, like the plastic ones that look like futuristic pods or something.

I got it at TJMax for $40, which is a great price cause it's a bit on the bigger side. Plus, it's different from other suitcases so I don't really have to worry about confusing it with someone elses.

We stayed at the Renaissance Grand, which is a Marriot hotel.

Our rooms were nice and big and I don't know what kind of mattress they had but I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. I tried to check, but they ripped the tags off:(

Another surprise were the samples. They had Aveda samples, which I thought was nice. They smelled very good, too. Well, except for the bar soap.

The arch!
Soooo pretty! We actually went to the top. You pay $10 and they bring you to the top where you look out of these tiny tiny windows.

The view:

It was kinda scary cause you sit in this tiny round pod that holds five people and you kinda get jerked to the top of the arch. If you are claustrophobic or afraid of heights then this is not for you. Otherwise, you'll probably enjoy it. It's cheap too!

In general, I was really really surprised by how clean the city was. It's not like NYC where all you smell is trash. Heck, I didn't even see any trash on the ground which was a first. I was also a bit struck by how deserted the city felt, though. There were a lot of hotels, parking garages, and a few abandoned buildings. But in all, I had a great time! I'' be posting about traveling with makeup later this week. It's a bit of a pic heavy post so it'll take some time to put together.

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