Saturday, February 26, 2011

{Empties} Almay, Chanel, Revlon, Prescriptives & Psssst

L to R: Psssst Dry Shampoo, Revlon Blush in Naturally Nude, Chanel Glossimer in Imaginaire, Prescriptives Camouflage Concealer in Light B/R.

I finished so many products in the past few months! Really super excited! I've really been trying to use more of the same products consistently.

1. Psssst Dry Shampoo- I liked this product, it was actually in my January favorites post, but I don't know if I got a defective bottle or something, but I literally got only five or six uses out of it. Keep in mind that I don't use it all over my head, I just do my bangs and the back of my head for a bit of volume. I picked it up the other day and was shocked to discover it was completely empty.

Top to bottom: Revlon Blush in Naturally Nude, Chanel Glossimer in Imaginaire, Prescriptives Camouflage Concealer in Light B/R.

2. Chanel Glossimer in Imaginaire-I'm actually kind of sad I finished this one. It is probably my all time favorite gloss ever. I've come across similar shades like the Sally Hansen gloss I showed you a while ago, but nothing else gives me the effect this one does.

I can kinda get some if I really work at it, but I can't really get the huge glob of it at the bottom or the top :( Any tips for that?

The formula is unlike any other that I've tried. It's like a gel, not the thin liquid formula of other glosses, but at the same time it's not really sticky.

A swatch:
Look at this shade!!! It's a warm plum but can you see those silvery flecks? The glitter is fine, but the gloss itself doesn't have a frosty shimmer. If you can recommend other glosses like this one, feel free in the comments!

3. Revlon Blush in Naturally Nude-This was one of those products that I really liked when I bought it, but kinda stopped using for no particular reason. It is very light, but since I'm very fair that worked fine for me. It gave me just a bit of color. It's very very slightly frosty which would give my cheeks a glow. I think it's a much lighter version of Nars Decour.

A swatch:
I don't know how well you can see, but the finish is a bit glowy. It shows up better on my face because my face is a bit lighter than the back of my hand.

4. Prescriptives Camouflage Concealer in Light B/R-I liked this concealer a lot because the coverage is very opaque. Just a teeny tiny bit goes a very long way and it's not a drying formula either. There's still a bit in the tube but it's starting to get these little weird hard spots in it, so it's done.

5. Almay Moisturizing Makeup Remover-I just finally finished this stuff. I've had it for almost a year, which is a loooooong time for a makeup remover. I did a full review on this product and put it to the test on several eyeliners if you wanna check out that review. I really recommend this one to anyone trying to find a good makeup remover. I don't think I'll repurchase just because I like to try different products.


    here's a tip to help save the leftover lipgloss in the tube!

  2. Thanks for the great tip! I don't really finish a lot of glosses, but this one is my fave of all time so I'll definitely try it.