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{Empties} June 2012!

Hey there! So there are no posts I find more rewarding to write than empties posts. I love doing these because it gets me to look at my stash and really see what I use consistently, and what I don't use much of at all. Any of you makeup junkies out there know how difficult finishing even one product can be, let alone enough to put together a post. I can proudly say that over the past few months I've been purging a lot of products from my collection by strictly sticking to my "one of a kind" rule. Meaning, I only use one of a certain type of product until I finish it (like only one mascara or one gloss). It's difficult, but honestly so rewarding when you finally finish that one thing that's been in your stash forever.

Now, there are fourteen (14!!!) products in this post!!! I didn't finish these in one month, but over probably two an a half months, which is a reasonable time frame given that these products have been lying around forever. I hope you enjoy my little ramblings about each product and if I've reviewed any of them before, there will be a link to the review listed. I don't know if I will be doing these kinds of posts every months

Lancome Artliner in Plum: I love these liners from Lancome. They are very good for people who find liquid liners difficult to use. The tip is a pointed felt tip (pic of it here), but it's thinner than most of the felt tips I've seen, and more flexible too. It makes getting a straight line very easy, especially if you like doing a wing. The formula of these liners isn't waterproof though, but that's not an issue for me as I rarely have problems with migrating mascaras or liners. I did mention in my one of my favorites posts here that I would be interested in trying the L'Oreal version of this liner, but I actually purchased one of the newer Physicians Formula liners instead.
     Repurchase: Maybe. I've got other liners to finish first.

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black: This was an ok liner. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. It dried out really fast on me and the color is a little on the lighter side, more gray than black. I can't really comment on the waterproof claim as it's never been an issue for me. All I can say is that I've never had it smudge or flake. I'm not a big fan of the applicator. When I used it, the tip felt to short and stiff making application more difficult.
     Repurchase: No. The Jordana version is only $1 more and works much better.

Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara in Black: I liked this mascara. It gave me a lot of volume and was generally fuss free when it came to application. It has one row of bristles that is a little longer that is supposed to act as a lash comb, but I found that it would actually do the opposite and clump my lashes. I would just avoid using that one section of bristles. I was surprised I liked this mascara because the bristles are plastic and I usually avoid those types of wands like the plague. The only real complaint I have is that it doesn't hold a curl too well. But I've yet to find a non waterproof mascara that holds a decent curl.
     Repurchase: Yes, but only if on sale. I got it for $5 with a liner on clearance.

Molton Brown Soft Eye Creme in 05 Sultry: As far as I know Molton Brown isn't a very big brand in the US. I know a few stores now carry their body products (which are ridiculously over priced--I'll be reviewing a couple soon) but except for TJMaxx, I've never come across their cosmetic line in store. This eyeshadow is like one of those Laura Mercier ones that comes in a tube, only this one isn't as nice. The color is a really pretty eggplant shade, like Macroviolet from MAC, but the application, if used as an eyeshadow, can be patchy and it does tend to flake. I used it smudged around the lash line, but I couldn't really use it as a liner because it wasn't dark enough on it's own. Maybe if the shade was a lighter shade I wouldn't notice these things, but in a dark shade they really become an issue. I tried this shadow for a clubbing look once and all I can say is big mistake.
     Repurchase: No. Much better alternatives on the market.


Aquaphor Healing Ointment: This stuff is pretty much the same as Vaseline (petroleum jelly) only better. I find that Aquaphor tends to absorb better because it's got some oil in it while Vaseline just sits on my skin. I much prefer the Aquaphor, especially when I'm using it on my lips or knuckles (which crack a lot in the winter). I bought this in a set of two travel sized tubes and the little 0.35 fl oz tube lasted me months because you barely need any at all. If you suffer from dry patches in the winter I highly recommend this stuff. My knuckles love it!
     Repurchase: Yes!

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer: I will admit, I'm not into concealer. I much prefer to layer a little more foundation for a more believable look than to cake on concealer, which can look too much sometimes. This concealer was ok. It wasn't too dry, it wasn't too wet, more of a cream texture. I know there's a little bit left in there, but I'm 90% sure it's expired (been discontinued since I bought it) and I just can't make myself use it anymore haha. I don't have much to say about this stuff. Not horrible, but not great by any means.
     Repurchase: No.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Cream Shadow in What a Blush: I loved the color of this stuff, but it was very difficult to work with. It is a shimery pale pink cream eyeshadow and while it's pretty, that's about all with this product. It creases like crazy. I would end up using this as an inner corner color because that's the only way I could wear it without it creasing. Also, the container comes with this little pointy dispenser that has the tiniest hole ever, meaning squeezing the product out was really difficult. All in all, it has confirmed my opinion about most of the Beauty Rush line from VS. I've tried several items and honestly, except for their lip glosses, I doubt I'll be purchasing anything else.
     Repurchase: No!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: Like the Vaseline lotion, a product I started out loving, and then it kinda stopped working for me. When I first got it it would zap the pimples right away. I'd put it on and bam, within a day my pimple is half the size it started out as. After about a month, it stopped working as well. I think my skin got used to this product. It has a tendency to do that with spot treatments. That being said, other spot treatments, even when my skin got used to them, did not stop working like this one did. What I did enjoy about this product is that it is a clear liquid. You can't layer it under makeup because it is an oil, but I found that I had to only use one drop each time I did my face, so this teeny 0.33 fl oz bottle lasted me forever.
     Repurchase: No. I like my Clean and Clear stuff better.

Bliss Tried+Blue Body Lotion: I LOVE this stuff! The smell, the texture, the way it leaves my skin feeling, just everything about this product. So what does Bliss do? Discontinues it before I can buy the full size. I got this sample in a Bliss kit from TJMaxx about a year ago, and I know that Bliss had already discontinued it then because I tried this stuff once, went to buy it, and couldn't find it anywhere. I ended up using this as a hand cream, leaving it in my purse, because I didn't want to finish it. It reminds me so much of the beach, summer, and the ocean. I probably look so weird smelling my hands after I use this lol
     Repurchase: Yes!!! If I can ever find it anywhere :(

Biore Enliven Cooling Eye Gel: I LOVE THIS STUFF! It was a life saver for me during the semester when I barely slept. I paired it with the Biore Skin Boosting Night Serum (full review here) and it is the perfect morning combo for me. It depuffs and really lightly moisturizes the eye area. i love using this stuff right before makeup because any under eye concealer/foundation I apply goes on very smoothly. Sadly, like many of their other products, Biore has discontinued this one as well :( I know I've finished this product, but I still have pics from when I first bought it, so I will try to post a full review because I feel this product really deserves one.
     Repurchase: Yes, if I can find it.

Kirkland Baby Wipes: I love these! I've go through about one of these every two months and they are the best wipes I've ever used. I stopped wasting my money on teeny little packs of makeup removing wipes a long time ago because why bother when 99% of the time I will use a cleanser immediately after I remove my makeup. These wipes (specifically this type from Costco) are dirt cheep, come in huge packs of 100, are super soft, not too wet/dry, are unscented, and most importantly DO NOT STING MY EYES!!! I use these for everything, from removing any eye makeup remover residue, to removing face makeup, to cleaning my hands, to spot cleaning my brushes. They are perfect! I think when you buy the box from Costco you get either six or eight of these 100 wipe packs, so they are dirt cheap.
     Repurchase: YES! YES! YES!

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Lotion: This was one of those products I started out liking, but as I kept using it my opinion changed. I loved the scent and fresh feel of it initially. It smells like aloe and cucumber, very soothing. However, because it's so scented it's not suited to sensitive skins, especially not if you get any irritation after shaving. My legs would itch like crazy after using this lotion. I finally stopped using it on any area that I shaved and would use it only after sun. If you don't have sensitive skin, go for it. If you do, stay away and try something unscented.
     Repurchase: Not this scent. May purchase original or the cocoa butter one in the future.

The Body Shop Jolly Orange Body Scrub: Another product I didn't like. It's a very thin scrub that has a very jelly feel to it. It doesn't'  have nearly enough abrasives in it to really do a through job. What I ended up doing was adding about half a cup of sugar to it to make it more scrubby. I didn't like this scent either. I got it on Black Friday in a kit at The Body Shop, so I wasn't too upset because I didn't pay a lot of money for it. I expected Jolly Orange to be more like Satsuma, very fresh, but instead it was very spicy smelling and cloying. The body wash wasn't too bad, but this stuff I couldn't wait to be done with.
     Repurchase: No.

Up & Up Acne Wash Grapefruit Scent: I love this stuff. It makes me happy on early early mornings :) I've used the brand name Neutrogena one, and it is exactly the same stuff. No difference what so ever. It's a very gentle exfoliate that is scented like grapefruit. It really cleans the skin well, bubbles up nicely, and wakes me up in the morning. I know some people hate the scent and find it to be too much, but I like it and I haven't gotten tired of it yet. If you like the Neutragena version, try this version out and save a couple of bucks.
     Repurchase: Maybe. Still have a couple face washes to finish first.

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