Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Swatches: Summer Blues!

Blue, although not my favorite eyeshadow color, is one that makes a reappearance just about every summer, so I thought I'd quickly share a few that I actually quite like. I know, these aren't the greatest swatches, but bear with me!

First up is Urban Decay's Shattered:

On it's described as a "bright iridescent aquamarine," and it is. Sorta. It's like a muted teal with golden shimmer. It is on the warmer, side, with a lot of green coming through when you apply it. It looks amazing on olive skin tones.

Urban Decay's Electric:

When I first purchased this one, I hated it. I loved the shade but the difficult, uneven application frustrated me to no end. No matter what base I used or how I applied it, it would always look uneven. Last summer, though, I applied it with a damp brush along my upper lash line and it looked and applied absolutely spectacularly. I love experimenting with this shade. It's probably the brightest I own, haha!

The last one I'm sharing is actually a duo from YSL, #19, in Oatmeal and Petroleum:

I really like the Petroleum (dark blue shade) because it is slightly green, so it looks nice and warm rather than stark, like other shades of navy. On the Sephora website it is actually described as "a rich green navy," and that description is spot on!

That's it for now! Lemme know if you like these kinds of posts and I'll try to do more of them in between reviews!

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