Sunday, May 16, 2010

Swatches: Lancome Eyeshadow Palette in Topaz Kisses

This is the Topaz Kisses palette that Lancome released during the holiday season a while back (long while, like a year or two ago). I know, you're probably getting sick and tired of seeing LE stuff, but some of the shades are permanent shades and I'm sure you can find something similar from Lancome to any discontinued shade.

The colors:

The actual shadows:

The palette comes with a mini brush. It's kind of like the one you get with MAC's holiday shadow palettes. Overall, kinda useless. It's really tiny and the bristles aren't very packed. As far as the shades go, the top row is more like the natural day palette and the bottom row is the more intense, shimmery, night shades. But you can really mix them up anyway you like.

First up, Rendezvous:

This one was a bit difficult to photograph because it's not just a shimmery white. The shimmer is an opalescent pink. In fact, it's a bit like the center shade from the Dior Stylish Move quint I just posted last night. The dark shot above was the best I could do. I was kinda disappointed because I wanted to use this shade as a highlight but it was way to pink.

Next up is Wear It Well

It's a really light, tan shade. I like to use it in my crease and along my lower lash line just for a bit of definition. It slightly deepens my natural skin tone for a very effortless, natural look.

Backstage Pass:

I think that this shade has been included in just about every GWP palette I've ever gotten from Lancome. It's a deepened reddish brown with a bit of purple. It really makes my blue eyes stand out, so I usually use it as an eyeliner.

Off The Rack:

This is just a shimmery pink. I usually just use it in the inner corner or as a highlight.


A brownish silver. My fave color from the palette. I really like to use this allover and then use the next shade, The New Blue, as a smudged out liner on the top lash line for a smoky look. It's very pretty!

The New Blue:

It's a bit of a blackened silvery blue. I apologize for the crappy pic. It really is more blue in real life and it looks amazing as a liner.

Well I hope you enjoyed! I absoluetely love Lancome's shadows cause they really are pigmented and easy to work with.

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