Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did a bit of shopping! (And shocker: not for makeup, haha!)

First off, I picked up a new wallet. Technically, it's a wristlet from Vera Bradley, but I think it can double as a wallet as long as I pick up one of those little plastic things to hold my cards. I'm not typically a fan of blue or patterns, but this beautiful corn flower blue called to me from across the store haha! It was $25 from Vera Bradley.

I also picked up a couple pairs of flats. This first pair is from Roxy. It just thought they were really cute. I tend to like things that are simple in design. I'm not usually a fan of patters (I like things to be monochromatic) but stripes appeal to me.

I also picked up a pair of flats from Forever 21. I have a similar pair in navy that I really liked so when I saw them in green I had to get them!

I love just about anything that has golden accents like buckles or zippers on them.

I also bought some clothes, but I haven't had time to really photograph everything. If I get the chance I'll post.

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