Saturday, June 23, 2012

{Haul} Dollar Store, MAC, Sephora & Target

Hey there everyone! I've got a haul for you today! Rare, I know, because I've been so focused on finishing up a lot of my makeup lately that I haven't bought anything in a long while. Let me know if you want reviews on any of the stuff below! Enjoy!

1. Dollar Tree
I was at the mall and the dollar store (don't remember the exact name of it -- sorry) carried the full line of Jordana cosmetics. I wanted to pick up a few shadows because I've heard some pretty good things online. That and I was planning on buying a MAC 15 pan palette and figured I could fill some of the empty spaces with a few good basic colors

Clockwise: White Lie, Pink of Me, Bronzeville, Total Blackout, Ms. Brown
Clockwise: White Lie, Pink of Me, Bronzeville, Total Blackout, Ms. Brown

I wanted to try out Bronzeville because I heard that it is a dupe for MAC's Amber Lights, which I've actually finished in the past. Bronzeville is very very close. The texture and finish is a bit off, but on the eye it looks identical. I wanted to try Pink of Me because it looked similar to MAC's Yogurt, but they're not really all that close. Yogurt is matte while Pink of Me has an opalescent sheen to it.

Overall, these shadows are very nice, especially White Lie, Bronzeville, and Ms. Brown. They are a little more powdery than most shadows, so you need to be careful when applying them, but for the most part they are nice. The only shade I didn't like was Total Blackout. I hit pan on my Laura Mercier Deep Night eyeshadow (see here) and I wanted to try out another black. I hate this one by Jordana. I read online that people compared this to a matte black from MAC, that it's supposedly that good, but I don't agree at all. It's very powdery, I'm used to a more firmly pressed Laura Mercier black. It made a mess when I went to apply it. And it's not very black. Compared to my all time favorite black, LM Deep Night, this one looks almost grey and washed out.  Other than this shadow, though, the other ones are great.

2. MAC
MAC Pro Colour Palette, Eyeshadows in All that Glitters (L) and Twinks (R)

I didn't get much from MAC. I finally picked up their 15 pan palette, which I'm in love with. Between all my MAC shadows, the Jordana ones I picked up, and the Lancome ones I've depotted, I've got more than enough colors to fill up 15 slots. I want to get another one already and I've only had this one for a couple of weeks!
MAC Eyeshadows in All That Glitters (L) and Twinks (R)

I also got the eyeshadows in All That Glitters and Twinks. For me these past few weeks, these have become my go to day colors. I love how warm and pretty they look on my lids and how they bring out my blue eyes. They make my eyes glow!

Now that I've bought a few shades in pans, I've gotta say that I will never again buy a potted shadow from MAC. Depotting them is just such a pain and hassle. And putting them in a palette just saves so much space. I live in a dorm for most of the year, so anything that saves me some room is great in my book. Let me know if you guys wanna see what I filled my 15 pan palette with. Most of the shades are everyday shades.

3. Sephora
So I went into Sephora a few times, not really intending to buy anything, just wanting to see what they had and they had this whole section of clearanced stuff out. Now, if you shop at Sephora, you know they rarely have sale stuff out in the store. Usually it's only listed online, and that annoys me because I'll want to buy something but I refuse to pay more shipping than the item is work. Anyway, all the stuff I picked up is Sephora Brand, but they did have a few other brands there. All but one of the items I bought was on sale for just $5!

Clockwise: Sephora White Blasted, Glamour, Star, Anti-Shine Primer

I got the Sephora by OPI White Blasted nail polish, their version of the OPI crackle polishes. It's ok. Application is a bit tricky because on some finishes (like matte nail polishes) it won't crackle, which is annoying. I got two lipsticks. I've never tried Sephroa Brand lipstick before, and I've been craving lip stuff recently. The first is Lip Attitude in Glamour, the second is the Lip Attitude in Star. They also had the Anti-Shine Primer, which I'm going to use after I finish my Rimmel one and what little is left of my Laura Mercier primer.

L-->R: Lip Attitude in Glamour and Star

I'm loving Glamour at the moment. It's a light, glossy pink color that looks really nice with my tan right now. It smells a little weird, but I can tolerate it. Star on the other hand I actually returned, it was that bad. It smelled soooo bad! I put it on and instant headache. It's a shame because the color is really pretty. Kind of a lipstick version of Nars Belize gloss, only with more gold glitter. Super pretty! Too bad it smells and tastes like burning plastic.

L-->R: Sephroa Balm in Coral Twist, Hot Hues Neon Balm in Funky Fuchsia

These last two items I got on another trip to Sephora. The first is the new Sephora Be You Lip Balm in Coral Twist. I got this because I thought it was on sale for $5 on the sale rack, so I couldn't swatch it or anything. I found out later when I got home and looked at my receipt that it was actually $12 and when I swatched it I was even more disappointed because it applies pretty much clear. I'm going to keep it anyway because I like how it feels on my lips and it doesn't have a weird taste or smell. Would I buy it again? Nope.

Sephora Balm in Coral Twist, Hot Hues Neon Balm in Funky Fuchsia

The other item I got was one of the limited edition balms. Its called the Hot Hues Neon Lip Balm in Funky Fuchsia. It's soo pretty! It's got this jelly clear look to it. I know Clarins made some a while back and so did Maybelline, but I just wasn't willing to spend the money on them, given that I knew they were probably going to apply clear. I was so surprised when this balm applied very very pigmented on my lips. It made them look almost stained! I the formula of the Be You Lip Balm better, but the pigmentation of the Neon Lip Balm is stunning. It is a more waxy balm though. I'll review both.

4. Target
I'm in love with Target. I swear, you can get anything and everything there, it's amazing.

Almay Eye Makeup Removing Liquid, Banana Boat SPF 15 Tanning Oil

I didn't get much this time. I ran out of my all time favorite makeup remover, the Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Removing Liquid (full review and test pictures here!) and picked up a replacement. I've gone through three bottles of this stuff, and this is my fourth, which says a lot. I tend to always try different things, but I've gone back to this stuff time and time again, which says a lot.

I also picked up the Banana Boat Protective Tanning Oil with SPF 15. I know, I know tanning is bad, but I just can't stand the fake stuff anymore. I've been using the L'Oreal Sublime stuff and I'm starting to really hate it cuz it's such a pain and it fades really weird, all patchy and gross. I finally got to the beach this past Thursday, and this oil worked like a charm! It smells delicious, like bananas, gave me a light golden brown tan after one use without any redness or irritation anywhere. And my skin felt so soft after too! I'll do a full review, but so far I'm absolutely loving it!

So that's my haul! I'll be putting up reviews later this coming week! If there's anything you specifically want a review on or swatches let me know in comments!

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