Monday, June 18, 2012

{Haul} I got a new watch!

New watch!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there! Just a quick little haul! I stopped by Kohls last week. Now, I don't even know why I went in there. I haven't been to Kohls since forever, maybe freshman or sophomore year of high school!!I don't have anything against the store, but it kinda gives me a very JCPenny or Sears vibe and I find that I get much better deals on nicer clothes at Marshalls or TJ Maxx or Target. But anyway, I went in, browsed for a while, and ended up in the jewelry/watch/beauty section, and in a little basket found this GEM!!!

It's a really pretty rose gold chronograph watch (the little ones are only for show cuz the watch is a cheapie), with a single row of diamonds around the face. It's a no name brand for Kohls and only cost me $20 on sale (originally $29.99). I was so freakin happy because the very very nice woman at the counter who helped me resized it for free. She took out 3 links, and I actually ended up going back to a different Kohls a couple days later to get a fourth link taken out (again for free) because it was still a little big on me. Both women who helped me were super nice, knew what they were doing, and took their time helping me even though the watch I bought was probably one of the cheapest ones there. Overall, I am very very happy with this watch and the experience in Kohls and I think I might actually go back to the makeup section again because there was a tinted moisturizer that caught my eye ;)

And Michelle, thank you so much for your recommendations! Let me know what you think of this one!

I actually bought quite a few other things these past couple weeks and I'll post a haul in a few days. I took some pictures that unfortunately came out pretty bad because it's been really rainy and cloudy where I live.

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