Friday, January 15, 2010

Review: Chanel Glossmers in Seashell and Imaginaire

These glosses are by far the best glosses I've ever tried! And I do mean EVER! I've got them in two shades, Seashell and Imaginaire. Imaginaire I bought about a year and a half ago while on vacation in New York City, so as you can see below, it's been used a great deal more than Seashell.

Seashell is a sheer peach shade with gold and pink shimmer in it, while Imaginaire is a deeper but still sheer plum with a bit of understated silver shimmer in it that is very fine, I'd say. Imaginaire is actually only one or two shades deeper than my natural lip color, so it gives my lips a bit of oomph without too much color. I know it looks dark in the picture, but it really is very sheer.

Here are the applicators:

Just your standard doe foot applicator. What's really special about these glosses is their texture. You can really see it in the picture above of the Imaginare applicator. The formula isn't like your typical liquid gloss, it's more of a thicker gel, almost. It goes on a bit thick, but is completely non-sticky, and has great shine. I find that you can do a thin layer for a bit of understated shine, or really layer it on for the full effect.

Here are the swatches:

Sorry for the blur:( You can really see how sheer Imaginaire is in this swatch, as well as how much less glitter it has compared to Seashell.

Here they are on my lips:

I usually apply a thin layer of Seashell cause I don't like too much glitter.

You can really see how nicely Imaginaire applies. It's perfect for everyday, when you don't want to wear anything too blingy (is that even a word!?). This is a thicker application than of Seashell above because since it doesn't have too much glitter, I don't have to worry about looking like a disco ball. And you can really see how glossy these can be.

I really love these glosses, as do most people who try them. The gel based formula is very good, worth every penny I'd say. It coats your lips evenly, even the darker colors with shimmer and is never sticky or tacky. The lasting power isn't like that of the MAC Lipglasses, but I''d say it's decent, about 3-4 hours without eating/drinking. And as you can see from the first couple of pictures, a tube will last you quite a while. Also, the packaging is gorgeous! I am a big sucker for packaging, especially if it is elegant and sophisticated, and this is both. It's one of those glosses you wouldn't be embarrassed to pull out of your bag to reapply during a girls night out, haha!

The only downside to this product (well, except for the price, haha!) is that the packaging can get scratched up very easily.

Here's a comparison with the newer Seashell:

I keep Seashell in the box that it came in, even in my makeup bag when I take it with me. It keeps the metal looking shiny and new. I was actually a bit miffed that these didn't come with one of those felt bags that they eyeshadows come in. But keeping it in the box really does keep them looking nice, and it's not much of an inconvenience.

Anyhow, I highly recommend that you try these out. At $27 they're not cheap, but worth every penny. I would suggest, however, that if you've never tried these before to go to the department store counter and ask the sales assistant to help you pick out a shade. Some of the colors look very dark and intimidating in the container, but actually apply very sheer, as you can see with Imaginaire.


Price: $27 (.19 oz)

Ingredients: C10-30 Cholesterol/Lanosterol esters, polybutene, diisostearyl malate, silica, tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, ascorbic acid, citric acid, peg-8, propylparaben. May contain: mica, titanium dioxide, carmine, iron oxides and dyes.

Disclosure:The products featured in this post were bought by me for the purpose of my personal use. If you have any further questions about disclosure, don't hesitate to ask in the comments.

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