Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Body Shop Holiday 2010 Deals!

I posted by Black Friday Body Shop haul earlier and I figured I'd also post some more of their holiday 2010 specials for those of you that are interested!

This is the special I bought with my 3 for $30. My pic below wasn't so great, but the one above shows everything very well! The $25 special was for only Black Friday, and only if you spent $30 or more, but when I went back later they had the same bag for $50. I don't know if there's a minimum amount you need to spend to get the stuff for $50, if it's a nation wide event, or if they've even got any more left, but it's worth checking out in my opinion.

Smaller specials:

I know there are more, so check out there website if you're interested (clicky here)!
Let me know if any of you checked out the Body Shop on Black Friday!!!

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