Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Nails Part 1 (OPI)

Left to right: Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey, Bronzed to Perfection, Vodka and Caviar

I'm starting a new series of nail polishes by season and this will be the first installment (well, duh, haha). Here are three great nail polishes perfect for summer, all by OPI. I'll try to have an installment a week.

Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey (Russian collection)

Get it? As in a cosmonaut? Haha, took me a while. Anyway, I usually go with one coat. Gives lots of shimmery goodness! It's one of my favorite shimmery beige's.

Bronzed To Perfection (South Beach collection)

I know it looks kinda ugly on my finger nail, but it looks amazing on the feet. It's unlike any other color I own. It's a red based, very warm, rich brown with golden glitter. This was the only polish I got from the South Beach collection as the other ones were variations on what I already have. I guarantee you that you do not have anything like this in your collection.

And finally, Vodka and Caviar (Russian collection)

This one is the perfect cherry red. It does have a bit of a jelly texture so it does apply slightly on the sheer side, but it is the perfect blue based red. If you have a tan this polish will made your skin look even tanner.

More to come!

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