Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nail Polish Comparison: Maybelline Unforgettable Red and NYC Burgundy

On the left is Maybelline Salon Expert in Unforgettable Red and on the right, NYC Long Wearing (yeah, right!) Nail Enamel in Broadway Burgundy. Broadway Burgundy was my favorite shade before I got into matte shades. I went through three or four bottles. It's still one of the few shades I've had to repurchase

Swatches in artificial light:

Left: Maybelline Unforgettable Red, Right: NYC Broadway Burgundy

Swatches in natural light:

Left: Maybelline Unforgettable Red, Right: NYC Broadway Burgundy

As you can see from the pics above, Unforgettable Red is warmer than Broadway Burgundy. It's also shearer. Above, two coats were applied without any top coats. Broadway Burgundy is fairly opaque while Unforgettable Red still needs another coat. Of these two I have to favor Broadway Burgundy because of the deeper and cooler color, the pigmentation, and the shine. Unforgettable Red is a bit dull, while Broadway Burgundy definitely has a more lacquer finish. As for formula, Unforgettable Red is thinner than Broadway Burgundy and dries really really quickly, which is a plus. I just wish it was a bit more opaque. Broadway Burgundy is a steal at 97 cents!!! And honestly, NYC nail polishes aren't even that bad. I've tried Sally Hansen polishes with way worse formulas.

That's it for now! Next post will be an eye look!!!

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