Sunday, May 29, 2011

{Haul} Chanel

L to R: Chanel Le Vernis in Black Pearl, Inimitable Intense Mascara in Noir, and Stilo Yeux Waterproof in Rose Platine.

Hi! Just thought I'd share a recent special haul! Now, I don't normally indulge this much on a single shopping trip. I'm the kind of shopper who browses for an hour and buys jus tone thing because buying a lot of makeup especially at one time makes me feel a bit guilty and wasteful since I've got so much makeup at home. And it's been a loooong times since I've indulged in Chanel haha, and lately I've really been craving. So I gave in and bought three things.

I got the Inimitable Intense mascara in Noir. Now, I've never had luck with those plasticy applicators, but somehow, this applicator works on me. I think until this point I had lost confidence in all mascaras with the bendy plastic applicators, instead opting for traditional wads. I will post pictures because honestly, I've been bowled over by how much I like this mascara.

I also got the nail polish in Black Pearl. I love Chanel nail polish. I think Chanel and Lancome nail polishes have the best formulas I've tested, better than OPI and Essie. I will post swatches soon!

The final item I got was the Stilo Yeux Waterproof in Rose Platine. This was a purely indulging purchase. I don't usually purchase high end eyeliners because, since I don't use eyeliners much, they tend to dry out on me and go to waste. This color just suckered me, sooo pretty! I will post lots and lots of pics in the reviews so stay tuned for those!

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