Sunday, April 10, 2011

{DIY} Cream Eyeshadow & Lip Gloss Palette

If you've been reading this blog for a while now you may have noticed that I really do love all things pretty. So, when I saw these Stila mother of pearl encrusted palettes at Sephora I didn't just buy one, I bought TWO!

Aren't they stunning!? My problem with them isn't the packaging, but rather the eyeshadows inside. I hate them.

The colors they chose to put in this stunning palette kinda shocked me. I still bought the palette because I love how it looks, but I've only used the shades inside once or twice. They're just not shades that flatter my skin at all and the mother of pearl powder they put in the shadows irritates my eyes. So what I've been doing for the past few months with my second palette is replacing the eyeshadows with cream eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lip glosses that I melt down into the pan, and that's what you see in the lower palette. I put my a few of my CoverGirl ShadowBlasts into the pans, but I added either some gel eyeliner or glitter or loose powder eyeshadow to make them less oily and more lasting.

My favorite color of the entire palette in this run is the second orange. It didn't transfer into pictures really well but I added some cosmetic grade fine rose gold glitter into it and when I wear it with the first color in the crease I always get compliments because it makes my blue eyes really pop!

Aren't they pretty!?

I also added a couple of lighter colors and a potted moisturizing balm from Anthropologie.

I'm not a big fan of these two colors in general, but I've been layering purples and greens over them and they look absolutely gorgeous like that!

You can also do a full palette of lipsticks if you'd like. I won't do the tutorial here because I feel like there are a million YouTube videos out there showing the same thing. This is just how I make use of drugstore cream shadows which I would never otherwise wear. It takes be about two months to go through whatever I put in these palettes because I tend to use them on a daily basis so about every two months I've got a new palette! Do you play around with palettes you've got at home?

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