Thursday, May 31, 2012

{This Week In Pics} Last Week Of May :)

Must start the week with coffee. M.U.S.T. Iced w/milk from Dunkin :)

License plate of the SUV in front of us in the drive thru at Dunkin. Too cute!

Gym time! Need new sneaks. Have had these for 4+ years.
Really comfy!

Post workout Passionfruit Iced Tea, unsweetened, w/gym buddies.
Mmmmmm :)

Made some homemade sushi for dinner with some friends :)

Bored at work = perfect time to add to my Moleskine.
Obsessed with koi fish. Not sure what to add to this drawing tho :/

Heading out to meet a friend at the mall. Love this watch/bracelet combo!

New phone case from Cellairis. In LOVE!!! And also bored at work lol


Yummy yummy breakfast :)

I have way too much time on my hands. And an addiction haha

Pretty much my week. Coffee, gym, work, more work, more gym, more coffee, blog, and sleep lol but sad. Hope you liked <3

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  1. I am in desperate need of coffee right now. When do you graduate (if you haven't already??) My summer term starts tomorrow. On top of work I am so dreading it, we only had one week off!
    Love your drawing! And yummy looking sushi, you made that?!