Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Haul} The Face Shop

Another haul! This one from The Face Shop. I've wanted to try some of their products for a long long time, but as they are a Korean brand, getting your hands on it in the US is difficult, especially since although they have a US website, they don't actually sell their products online. You can find some of them on eBay, but not all of them, and not at as low a price. I finally stopped by the shop in NYC and got a few goodies!

The first thing I got was the Oil Specialist Fresh Cleansing Oil with Cherry Blossom. That's actually what I mainly wanted to try out, a cleansing oil. I've wanted to try the Shu Umeura ones or the one from MAC or Josie Maran, but they just cost so much money, with the Shu ones being over $50. This one was only $20. I had actually intended to purchase a the cleansing oil from their brightening rice line, but I liked that although this one costs $5 more it had more in it and the packaging looked nicer in my opinion.

I'd tell you a bit about the active ingredients, but I can't read Korean lol!

I've also been hearing a lot about their masks so I piked up a hyaluronic acid one for $1.50, just to test out. And I picked up a pack of 8 plain masks to use with stuff I've already got at home. It cost me $2 for 8, so not bad at all.

And finally, I got another item I've been hearing a lot about. This is the White Mud Nose Pack, basically you put it anywhere you get black heads, it hardens, and you pull it (and the black heads) off.

I don't have too bad of a problem with black heads, but I figured I'd give the ones on my nose a try to see how it works. I've used the Biore ones before, but never got the results that people post online. And this one is cheaper too, only $6.

They were definitely generous with samples too! Can't wait to try the BB cream. Never tried them before!

And I signed up for a reward card, which gives me if I remember correctly, 5% of my current purchase credit towards my next purchase. It was just over a buck, but every little bit helps, right?

The total haul:

Total spent: $31. Definitely got my moneys worth! Another mini haul coming soon!

If you're interested in stopping by The Face Shop in NYC, here's the address:

35 W 32nd St #2
New York, NY 10001-3230

It's right next to a book store. I read some reviews online and people complained that the staff isn't friendly with non Koreans. I did not find that to be an issue at all. The women were very nice, answered any questions I had and were more than helpful! Don't let that stop you from going! Definitely a good experience!


  1. Nice haul! I'd love to try the Face Shop, but I don't think there's one near me? A Skinfood store recently opened up in my area though! :D

    1. The closest Face Shop to me was around three hours away lol so definable not in the neighborhood for me either haha! I hate how you can't just order online or even over the phone. I tried to track some of the stuff on eBay but no luck. The trip was worth it tho! How do you like Skinfood products? I've read a lot of reviews on Musings of a Muse, and have been tempted to try it, but there is no store anywhere near me :(