Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Update} No Power For 4 Days = Pure HELL

So we've been getting a lot of storms on the east coast lately. A few weeks ago when that tornado hit Springfield, we had a power outage. I don't live in MA, but 30 mins away in CT, but we went 2 days with no power, no running water, etc. Just this past week, on Thursday we had another storm that left us without power for FOUR DAYS. Oh my God it was horrible. What makes it worse is that we have a well that supplies our water and the pump that pumps the water up and to the house needs electricity to work, so whenever we have no power we also have no water. It doesn't sound so bad until you realize that without water you can't flush a toilet. For four days whenever we wanted to flush the toilet we would need to refill the tank with two gallons of water. It sucked. But powers back so I'll be putting more posts up later today. It's been a crazy couple of weeks here and hopefully we've seen the worst of storms. Hopefully lol!

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