Friday, June 24, 2011

{Haul} J.Crew, Dollar Tree & Walgreens

So I was out and about this past weekend and a few things caught my eye! Not a big haul by any means but enjoy anyway!

1. J.Crew:

(L to R) Stila for J.Crew Convertible Colors in Camellia and Petunia.

I was shopping at J.Crew and to my surprise, right up at the register as I was paying, I saw these gems! I've been wanting to try Stila's convertible colors for a while now, but since I have oily skin I am hesitant to try out any cream blushes. When I saw these on sale at J.Crew and got a look at just how cheap they were selling them for, I couldn't not get them!

Originally, they were $18 each, but when I bought these I got them for $4.99 each!!! And my sister was at the store a couple of days ago and said they were discounted further to $3.99!!! At firt I thought that maybe they are smaller or something, but that is not the case at all! They are they same size as the ones sold at Sephora (0.15 oz) and are in permanent shades (both Camellia and Petunia can be purchased at Sephora. The only difference between these and the regular ones is the price and the packaging, which I think is actually nicer. I like that these containers don't have the flowers that Stila's compacts usually do. I think these look a bit more sophisticated. If you're interested in trying these out I suggest you check out any J. Crews in your area! And I'll have a full review soon!

2. Walgreens:

(L to R) Wet n'Wild Megalength Mascara, Sinful Colors Base Coat and Top Coat.

I've been on the hunt for a new mascara and decided to see if any of the really really cheap ones at the drugstore are any good. I can definitely be a bit of a mascara snob. I love my MUFE Smoky Lash, Chanel Inimitable Intense (review coming soon!), Lancome Definicils, and the list goes on. And when I'm not using those, I stick to L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black or maybe one from Revlon. That's it. Nothing else. But, I was recently persuaded to try a few different drugstore mascaras, so I went out and picked up a few really really cheap ones. I'll be posting reviews soon!

I also picked up the base coat and top coat from Sinful Colors. I didn't realize that these were more expensive than their actual polishes ($4 compared to $2) until I got to the reigster and realized that for the price of these two I could have gotten an OPI or an Essie, but whatever. I do have to say that so far I;m loving the base coat more than the top coat, but I will review them both this week. I really like the frosted packaging. It makes them feel so chic!

3. The Dollar Tree:

(L to R) L.A. Colors Lash Building and Perfect Curl Mascaras.

A few more cheep mascaras to try out! Only a buck each, so I guess it can't really hurt lol!

And finally, I also picked up some cotton rounds. I use these for toner, not makeup removal and they work perfectly. The brand is Assured and I have to say I love these. They're a buck for 80 pads and they come in several different types. The ones I usually buy are with either the stamped outer edge (you know, they ones that look like they're stitched all around) and the ones shown above that are really really thick and plush. Highly recommend if you're trying to save some money!

That's it for now! More coming really soon!


  1. Wow I had no idea they carried makeup at J. Crew! Were there a lot left when you were there?

  2. Yup! But hurry, cuz I don't think they'll be there much longer! Thanks for commenting!