Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Giorgio Armani Fall 2009 'Manta Ray' Collection

Another collection that's been drawing a lot of attention. I'm not totally sold on this one, though. The colors look pretty, but nothing that I don't already have. I'm really liking the nail color though. But I don't think that it's part of the collection. Bummer... The shadow duo's might be worth checking out, though, especially number three.

Manta Ray Eye Duo Palettes ($38.00)
>N° 1- charcoal and Greige
>N° 2- deep ocean blue and intense ocean green
>N° 3- pale lilac grey and luminous fuchsia
>N° 4- light blue stone and sandy beige
>N° 5- shimmering lilac pearl and pale green pearl

Liquid Silk Eye Liner ($30.00)
>N° 1
>N° 2

Armani Silk Lipstick ($25.00)
>N° 92

The people over at GA were kind enough to include a few instructions on how to create the "Greige" eye look!

The "Greige Eye Look (By Linda Cantello)

“Eye shadow is about shading. Rather than adding shadows, these muted tones contour and define, accentuating the eye and the pupil; the focus is actually on the eye itself. My favorite is the Greige and charcoal duo shade palette, but the pale lilac grey and fuchsia offer a really beautiful pop of color.”

Use the Greige shade to contour the eye by sweeping the shadow along the crease of the eye. Follow by sweeping the shade under the lower lash line and over the upper lash line. Use charcoal to add intensity. A second option is to sweep the charcoal shadow over the whole lid and use the Greige to blend. For added intensity, apply midnight blue eyeliner along the upper lid lash line.

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